Furniture & Flooring

A venture into the world of design would not be complete without those added finishing touches. To help you to complete your interior design vision, Castlegate Interiors can both design and coordinate curtains, cushions, throws, sofas and seating dependent on your requirements and taste.

Understandably, not everyone feels comfortable designing their own interior project, with this in mind Castlegate Interiors dedicated, talented and professional staff can offer a number of services to assist their customers. For instance, if you require some help and advice in choosing which fabrics, patterns and colours will compliment your new room, Castlegate Interiors can offer to create a customised mood board to coordinate with your ideas and your new or existing décor. The dedicated team at Castlegate Interiors will work hard to provide you with a custom, bespoke design that will give you the ability to continue your renovations with a clear, satisfying and most importantly, beautiful outcome in the forefront of your mind.



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